The Eaters of LightBan



Place of Origin:




First Seen In:

The Eaters of Light

Latest Appearance:

The Eaters of Light

Main Actor:

Daniel Kerr


they’ll see the story for hundreds of years. They’ll know your name forever…

Kar’s younger brother Ban, full of fight and bravery, is desperate to help his sister defend their settlement. Ban has no idea that Kar, the last gatekeeper, has deliberately released the beast to fight the Roman army.

Initially suspicious of the Doctor and Nardole, Ban comes to understand that the Romans and the Picts will have to work together if they stand any chance of drawing the beast back into the portal, and preventing others like it from escaping. Taking an active role in luring the creature back to the cairn, Ban puts himself forward to enter the portal along with his sister, but Kar will not let him – he must stay in this world and make sure their story is never forgotten.

Ban fulfils his promise by teaching the crows to remember Kar’s name. To this day, you can still hear the birds calling for her on the air…

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