Baby Station Beta



Baby Station Beta


Space Babies


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Baby Station Beta was a space station that operated as a baby farm orbiting Pacifico Del Rio.

The station had upper and lower levels. Locations of the station included Birth Zone 6, Portal 3-5-7 on upper levels and Hull 3-B on lower levels.


The station was abandoned in 21500 because of a recession. However, it was illegal to shut off the station’s parthenogenesis machine, meaning future babies born on the station would be left unattended. Captain Rico Trieste and officers Lucia Colasanto and Gina Scalzi submitted their resignations and logged their protests about the closure on Pacifico date 56-56-22, before leaving the station.

The adult crew’s departure left the intelligent babies who the station created and their nanny (and former accountant) Jocelyn Sancerre, in control of it. The intelligent babies were Poppy (the captain), Eric, Marcel, Adjani and Sandra. However, the station’s computer broke during this time, causing its education to become literal-minded concerning the children’s stories it taught them. Consequently, the station created the Bogeyman from snot to scare the children in the lower levels.

The Fifteenth Doctor and Ruby Sunday landed on the station in 21506. After solving the issue they had with the Bogeyman, The Doctor released the masses of methane in the station’s hull to propel it towards a nearby DuBarryDuPlessy planet in the area’s system. (Space Babies)

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