The Taint


Azoth was an android created by the Benelisans to locate and destroy the Beast.

After centuries of following the Beast’s trail, Azoth arrived on Earth in 1822 and set up a hidden base in a cave beneath Bethnal Green, London. He kidnapped twins Freddie and Neville Fitzwilliam Tarr, implanted Freddie with a programme that would enable his descendants to fight the Beast when it came to Earth and placed Neville in a cryogenic unit. Azoth captured other humans for implanting the programme, but one struggled with him, inadvertently causing an explosion that damaged the android, forcing him to shut down.

In 1963, Azoth was accidentally revived by Dr Charles Roley’s experiments on descendants of Freddie Tarr and the other test subjects, who had been suffering from disturbing visions of Azoth, the Beast and the cave. After a brief period of amnesia, Azoth remembered his mission, and attempted to destroy all life on Earth to eradicate the Beast. He was destroyed by Davydd Watson. (The Taint)

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