The Daemons




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Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Daemons


Voyage to the Edge of the Universe

Main Actor:

Stephen Thorne


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Azal was the last living Dæmon. A great many years preceding the twentieth century, he set himself in suspended activity in his shuttle under Devil’s Hump until the opportunity arrived to pass judgment if the Dæmons’ trial with humankind were a triumph or a disappointment.

Like the rest of his species, Azal fought back against Kotturuh’s wrath. Azal alone survived; but was sent to Earth and trapped in suspended animation. (The Guide to the Dark Times)


Azal was a satyr-like humanoid with ruddy skin and thick hide. He had sharp teeth, pointed ears, a thick facial hair and long horns. His legs were goat-like with cloven hooves. He was around thirty feet tall normally, however he could change his size with his innovation. (The Daemons)


An endeavor to stir Azal in eighteenth century Japan was impeded by the meditation of the Fourth Doctor and Leela. (Time in Office)

In the late twentieth century, The Master got up Azal, wanting to have the Dæmon pass on his capacity to him. Azal ratheroffered his capacity to the Third Doctor, who won’t. At the point when Azal chose to execute him, Jo Grant offered to have his spot. Azal, unfit to understand this apparently silly demonstration of selflessness, fell to pieces. (The Dæmons)

A Northern Irish UNIT warrior named Francis Cleary was made frantic in the wake of seeing the Devil himself in Devil’s End. (Who Killed Kennedy)


At the point when the Skith Leader filtered the Tenth Doctor’s psyche, Azal was among the outsider animals appeared to him. (The First)

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