Survivors of the Flux





Once, Upon Time
Survivors of the Flux

Main Actor:

Barbara Flynn


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Awsok was a mysterious woman who appeared to the Thirteenth Doctor.

She knew The Doctor, and appeared to have vast knowledge and power. Unlike other individuals The Doctor encountered While traversing her time stream – bar perhaps the Fugitive Doctor, Awsok was aware of the Thirteenth Doctor’s presence and physical location on the planet Time.

She considered the Ravagers, Swarm and Azure, to be “rare and useful creatures”, and informed The Doctor that they had been”reintroduced” as a “temporal poison”. She also knew of the Flux: that it wasn’t a natural event, but rather was made; “It was placed”.

She informed The Doctor that she was fighting a lost cause and that the universe was over. And that it was all The Doctor’s fault. With that she advised The Doctor not to come looking for her and told her she could go. The Doctor reawoke in the Temple of Atropos. (Once, Upon Time)

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