Avril Fenman



Avril Fenman

Main Alias:

“The Soul Sucker”

Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

The Squire’s Crystal


The Glass Prison
Acts of Senseless Devotion
Adorable Illusion
The Curse of Fenman

Main Voice Actor:

Georgia Moffett


Avril Fenman, also known as “the Soul Sucker”, was squire to knight Cherry of the Female Knights of Rowan, until one day she abandoned her knight when she took a crystal that gave her the power to transfer her mind into the bodies of others. She later used this power to take over Bernice Summerfield’s body and sleep with Adrian Wall, impregnating Benny with a human-Killoran hybrid that became Peter Summerfield.

She took delight about being back in a body again. She indulged in the comforts of the Braxiatel Collection, including ordering everything on the menu of the shuttle, much to the steward’s distaste. She annotated a copy of the book that contained her legend that it was wrong, and the people of Hera betrayed her when trying to get help for her knight. Benny thought this to be rubbish. (The Squire’s Crystal) She lived on the Collection in the cavern where she was discovered. Benny took Peter to see her when he was born. (The Glass Prison) According to Braxiatel she spent her time knitting socks for Orphans of the Wars. (The Wake)

Later she moved away from the collection, obtained another body, tracked down Irving Braxiatel, the one that had just left Romana II on the Axis, and removed Pandora from his mind and transported it to the Brax from the Collection. She asked Brax to find Peter and get them to a place were the asteroid of Hera would appear. She then went to Bastion and killed Peter’s lover Antonio Tulloch but used the powerof the crystal to make him still think that he existed. When the Asteroid of Hera aligned with Legion, she reminded Ruth about her life before Atlantis, and Jack his life there as well. She wanted to take Peter away with her, as she believed that he was her son. Peter killed her. (The Curse of Fenman)


Bernice Summerfield asked Bev Tarrant to find heron the Collection to obtain one of the crystals so that Benny could save Peter’s life. Avril stole Bev’s body and Benny knew this happened. (Acts of Senseless Devotion)

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