Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters

Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters
Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters


Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters was the novelisation of Doctor Who and the Silurians. Interestingly enough, even though the serial it adapted was accidentally given a Target-style title, the novelisation didn’t take the chance to carry the same title and instead gave it a completely different one.

All is not well at the Wenley Moor underground atomic research station: there are unaccountable loses of power-output, nervous breakdowns amongst the staff, and then – a death! UNIT is called in and the Brigadier is soon joined by DOCTOR WHO and Liz Shaw in a tense and exciting adventure with subterranean reptile men – SILURIANS – and a 40ft. high Tyrannosaurus Rex, the biggest, most savage mammal which ever trod the earth!

“DOCTOR WHO, the children’s own programme which adults adore…” Gerard Garrett, The Daily Sketch

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