Auton 3: Awakening



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Auton 3: Awakening


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Regular Cast
Jo Castleton (Natasha Alexander), Bryonie Pritchard (Dr. Sally Arnold), Michael Wade (Lockwood), George Telfer (Winslet), Graeme Du Fresne (Ross Palmer, Andrew Fettes (Sergeant Ramsay), Helen Baggs (Nurse), Peter Trapani (Dalby); Peter Trapani, Blane Coughlan, Steve Johnson (Autons).


Written by Nicholas Briggs
Directed by Nicholas Briggs
Produced by Bill Baggs


The Millhampton Event has left an entire population at the mercy of the Nestene Consciousness. UNIT’s only hope of halting an unstoppable AUTON invasion is to find Lockwood. But UNIT’s most enigmatic and talented operative is missing. Within his mind are the means through which the Consciousness will return to life and destroy the human race. Lockwood will not be given up easily. Palmer knows that time is running out, as the world’s computer networks break down he leads a desperate mission into the heart of AUTON control. Sal and Ramsay can only hope they will survive to find Lockwood before the Nestene Consciousness takes over his mind completely and extinguishes all life onearth…


Lockwood and Natasha have returned from Sentinel Island, coming on shore in the town of Millhampton. Computers around the world are failing. They are being invaded by the Nestene Consciousness through Lockwood’s implant.

Meanwhile, the entire population of Millhampton has disappeared. They have been absorbed into the mind of another revived Nestene below the city. The only survivor is the real Winslet, who is still being used by the Nestenes at the local psychiatric hospital.

Lockwood and Natasha are both being used by another psychic UNIT operative named Palmer to lead them to the heart of the Nestene activity. Palmer monitors their movements through a constant link with Natasha’s mind.

Meanwhile, Natasha is used by the Nestenes to lure Lockwood to the hospital, which the Autons are using as the centre of theiroperation. There the Auton Winslet is trying to free the Nestene energy from Lockwood’s mind so it can infect every computer in the world and revive all the dormant Nestene creatures. Lockwood resists by convincing himself that everything he sees is a dream.

When Dr Arnold arrives, his resolve is broken. He is then forced to sacrifice his own life to destroy the Nestene plan.


  • Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart’s call sign, Greyhound Leader, is used here by Ross Palmer. It had previously been used by Lockwood in Auton and Colonel Wilson in Auton 2: Sentinel.
  • Awakening is also the title of a 1984 Doctor Who serial (with the definitive article).
  • In a chase scene about 13 minutes into Auton 3: Awakening, the Autons have shadows longer than their own bodies, the sun being low in the sky. However, 10 seconds later they are seen with much shorter shadows, revealing that different parts of the chase were filmed at significantly different times of day, in the BBC car park in Southampton, without the permission of the BBC.
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