Augustus Oduya

Children of Earth Day Three



Augustus Oduya



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First Seen In:

Children of Earth: Day One


Children of Earth: Day Three
Children of Earth: Day Five

Main Actor:

Charles Abomeli


Colonel Augustus Oduya was an officer working with UNIT in the early 21st century.

In September 2009, Oduya met with civil servant John Frobisher and showed him locations of children who had stopped all over the world. He announced his suspicions of an alien invasion. He correctly deduced that if UNIT had pieced the situation together, then Torchwood Three also must have. (Children of Earth: Day One)

Arriving at Downing Street to witness the 456’s first contact, Oduya wanted UNIT to be involved in the handling the incident. (Children of Earth: Day Three)

After John Frobisher killed himself, Colonel Oduya was selected to continue negotiations with the 456, and UNIT soldiers entered Floor 13. Oduya asked — not as a representative but as a father — what the 456 would do to the children once they were handed over. Upon receiving the reply that the children would essentially be used for drugs, he was clearly horrified.

Oduya continued to act as the representative for Earth as the children were gathered up and was informed that eighty percent of the children weren’t enough: the 456 wanted them all. After Jack Harkness attacked the 456 with their own deadly signal, Oduya watched in confusion as the ambassador suddenly began thrashing around in pain before appearing to violently explode. Before Oduya could investigate, the abassador’s remains were teleported out in a pillarof fire. Staring in confusion and relief into the empty tank, Oduya reported that the 456 were gone. (Children of Earth: Day Five)

Position: Head of the British division of UNIT
Years: 2009 -2013
Preceded by: Alan Mace


Even though Oduya was in Children of Earth: Day Five he was not credited.

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