Attack of the Graske



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Attack of the Graske



First Transmitted

25 December 2006

Final Ratings



Series 2 Steelbook



Regular Cast
David Tennant (The Doctor)

Guest Cast

Lisa Palfrey (Mum), Nicholas Beveney (Dad), Mollie Kabia (Girl), James Harris (Boy), Robin Merh (Granddad), Gwenyth Petty (Grandma), Jimmy Vee (Graske), Ben Oliver (Urchin), Roger Nott (Older Man), Catherine Olding (Young woman)


Written by Gareth Roberts
Directed by Ashley Way
Produced by Sophie Fante


A Graske is loose and causing havoc. Can you help to stop him? Become The Doctor’s companion and save the world!.


After The Doctor drops Rose Tyleroff in 1979 to see ABBA, he picks up the Viewer in his TARDIS and goes to stop the Graske. The Viewer helps find a Changeling and a Graske, pilot the TARDIS and get through doors on Griffoth, but the ultimate decision is when a Slitheen escapes. The viewer must choose whether to freeze the station, killing everything inside, or teleport the kidnapped people back to their homes and destroy the Changelings. After the choice is made, The Doctor thanks the Viewer and drops him or her home.


  • This story immediately followed The Christmas Invasion and was initially only available to subscribers to the BBC Red Button interactive service. Viewers were able to pilot the TARDIS and fight the Graske both on its native world of Griffoth and in Victorian London. From Wednesday 18 January 2006, the story was available to access via the BBC website, but only for UK residents. It was subsequently made available to international users of the website as well.
  • The question of whether this episode “counts” as a television story is somewhat muddied by its interactive nature. Some regard it primarily as a game, rather than an episode. However, a possible reference to the events of the story can be heard in The Sarah Jane Adventures story Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, which featured the first undisputed valid appearance of the Graske, in which Sarah Jane Smith makes reference to there being some Graske activity on Earth a couple of years earlier. Gareth Roberts wrote both stories. Changelings and Graske activity at Christmas are also mentioned by Jack Harkness in Monster File: Christmas, using footage from this adventure. The story is also considered official by Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia, the episode index at the back of the 2011 edition of the encyclopedia places it between Tooth and Claw and School Reunion.
  • The Doctor mentions that if the viewer switches their television to I tonight the galaxy may implode. This is presumably because the BBC and I are rival companies. In his eleventh incarnation, he said that I had gone off the air in the second Doctor Who Proms, as a result of saving the Royal Albert Hall and the BBC Proms.
  • Technically, David Tennant is not credited in this episode as “The Doctor”. He receives only pre-title billing. This makes this the only Doctor Who television production which does not credit the role of “The Doctor” or “Doctor Who”. This includes Mission to the Unknown in which The Doctor doesn’t even appear at all.

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