“My view, “ said The Doctor, “is that you can run – in fact it’s often by far the best option – but you can’t hide. I’ll see myself out.”

Nyssa felt a pang of disappointment. He had gone. She would probably never see him again.

The town of Oxford in AD 1278 seems a haven of tranquillity. Under the summer sun, merchants, students and clerics go about their daily, unhurried tasks. Alfric, the proctorof the Franciscan friary, has only two minor problems: one of the friars has gone missing, and there’s a travelling showman, calling himself The Doctor, with a pretty young noblewoman by his side, attracting crowds in the narrow streets.

When the missing friar is found dead, The Doctor is convinced he has been murdered. There is a ruthless killer at large, and Alfric reluctantly teams up with The Doctor to track him down.

Their investigation leads towards the most celebrated of the Franciscan brotherhood: Roger Bacon, famed throughout Christendom as a scholar – and, in the far future, the subject of a revolutionary thesis by technographer Nyssa of Traken.


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  • Asylum was the forty-second BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Fourth Doctor. It also featured Nyssa after she had finished travelling with the Fifth Doctor.
  • Later in The Doctor’s personal timeline, towards the end of his Fourth incarnation, he would meet Nyssa for the first time from her perspective on Traken in 1981. (The Keeper of Traken) In Nyssa’s personal timeline, the events of this story take place many years after she parted company with the Fifth Doctor on Terminus. (Terminus)
  • She would subsequently meet the Fifth Doctor in her mind shortly before his regeneration into his sixth incarnation. (Winter) Later still in her personal timeline but earlier in his, she would re-join him as one of his companions. (Cobwebs)
  • Nyssa recalls The Doctor’s regeneration into his Fifth incarnation (Logopolis), visiting England in September 1666 (The Visitation) and June 1925 (Black Orchid) and killing several Cybermen in 2526 (Earthshock).

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