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Princess Astra


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The Doctor discovers the the last segment of the key is Princess Astra herself, who ceases to exist as she completes the key. The Time Lord manage to recapture the key and escape with it.

Mentalis is disconnected by Drax, and the Marshal’s nuclear attack is directed by The Doctor to the Shadow’s planet, which is destroyed. The Doctor now faces the Black Guardian himself, disguised as the White Guardian.

Deciding that the key is too powerful for anyone to hold, The Doctor solits it and scatters it again through the Cosmos, thus restoring the Princess to her original form. To escape the wrath of The Black Guardian, The Doctor equips the TARDIS with a randomiser.

Lalla Ward took over the role of Romana after Mary Tamm as this was her audition for the role.

Without the energy of the segment to keep her together, Astra’s role as the sixth segment was passed on to Romana after the latter’s regeneration. Astra began to unintentionally drain the life-force from her subject Atrions, causing her to go on a quest for the Chaos Pool believing it might save her people. In an encounter with the Fifth Doctor, Romana and The Doctor’s new companion, Amy, Astra did not recognise The Doctor, because her memory of her meeting with him had been erased after her restoration


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