The Deadly Assassin


Doctor Who and The Deadly Assassin


Pages 122
ISBN 0-426-11965-7
Publication Date 20 October 1977


Fourth Doctor is suddenly summoned to Gallifrey, the home of the Time Lords, where his ghastly hallucination of the President’s assassination seems to turn into reality. When Fourth Doctor is arrested for the murder, there is a hideous, dark, cowled figure gleefully watching in the shadows.

Faced with his old enemy, The Master, Doctor Who approaches defeat in a battle of minds in a nightmare world created by The Master’s imagination. But the Master’s evil intentions go much further – he has a Doomsday Plan. It is up to Fourth Doctor to prevent him from destroying Gallifrey and taking over the universe!

DOCTOR WHO scripts – awarded The Writers’ Guild Award for the best British children’s original drama script.



  1. Visedition of Death
  2. The Secret Enemy
  3. Death of a Time Lord
  4. Trapped
  5. The Horror in the Gallery
  6. Into the Matrix
  7. Death by Terror
  8. Duel to the Death
  9. The End of Evil
  10. The Doomsday Plan
  11. The Final Battle
  12. An End—and a Beginning


  • The Doctor’s opening monologue is excised.
  • The Doctor played hide and seek in the capitol when he grew up.
  • The Master lost his ability to regenerate after using a couple of bodies as a disguise.
  • The Doctor takes part in the trial, instead of drawing cartoons as he does in the televised story.
  • Hilred’s name is spelled Hildred.
  • Gallifrey has poor lighting so people have to use lanterns at night.

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