The Ark In Space

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Doctor Who And The Ark In SpaceDoctor Who And The Ark In SpaceDoctor Who And The Ark In Space


Pages 140
ISBN 0-426-11631-3
Publication date 10 May 1977




At a time in the far-off future, Earth has become uninhabitable. A selection of humanity is placed, deep-frozen, in a fully automated space station, to await the day of their return to Earth…

Thousands of years later, DOCTOR WHO arrives. He finds things going suspiciously wrong, and the station under attack from the giant WIRRN, deadly creatures who, in their lust for power, now threaten the future of the whole human race…













  • Prologue: The Intruder
  1. The Second Invasion
  2. Sarah Vanishes
  3. Sabotage!
  4. A Fatal Wound
  5. The Wirrrn
  6. Time Running out
  7. A Tight Squeeze
  8. A New Beginning

The 2012 edition has an introduction from Steven Moffat


  • Space Station Nerva is named Terra Nova. The space station has blue whales and elephants in storage.
  • Wirrn larvae are used as a threat.
  • The Wirrn try to eat the ventilation shaft Sarah is crawling through.
  • The Doctor, Harry and Sarah return to Earth in the TARDIS, rather than using the Time Ring.


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