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Arkhew was one of the Doctor’s cousins in the House of Lungbarrow.

Arkhew wanted to be a cloud-sculptor, but could not because the House of Lungbarrow was buried. The Doctor described him as “an in offensive sort of chap, as I recall. Gentle, unassuming. Unusual for this family.”

After the House of Lungbarrow was buried, Arkhew began gambling food with Owis and Glospin and would often check in dangerous places (like the clock) for Quences’ will. He worried that the others would laugh at him if he didn’t check. Arkhew had a pet scrubber that climbed in through the window. Unfortunately, Owis ate the scrubber. Because of that, Arkhew hated him.

Arkhew felt that he couldn’t leave the main section of the house like his other cousins, who went to hide in The Doctor’s room. This was because he had gambled so much with Glospin that he felt he owed Glospin too much and couldn’t leave.

Owis found it funny that Arkhew would give in so easily to peer pressure — it was he who persuaded Arkhew to look in the clock. After being infected by the dust in the clock, Arkhew was forced to relive the burying of Lungbarrow. Lateron, when Glospin told Owis that The Doctor’s return meant that they were one person over Lungbarrow’s quota, Owis strangled Arkhew and left his body in the funguretum, killing him permanently. Afterwards, Owis was persuaded to leave Arkhew’s body outside Satthralope’s room when Rynde bet him five tafelshrews that he couldn’t find a better place to put it. (Lungbarrow)

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