The Ark

The Ark
The Ark

The Doctor and his companions Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet arrive some ten million years into the future, on board a generation starship which is carrying the last of humanity away from an Earth that is about to fall into the Sun. However, the cold that Dodo has could prove devastating to these future humans and their servants, the Monoids.

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  • The Ark was the sixth story in the third season of Doctor Who. It was the first full serial for new companion, Dodo Chaplet, who had appeared only briefly at the end of the previous episode. It was also the first to take place in what was definitively humanity’s far future, and the first to depict the demise of Earth.
  • BEHIND THE SCENES, it was notable for its then-groundbreaking use of out-of-sequence recording. The final episode, “The Bomb”, was the first in Doctor Who history to be recorded according to set availability and then ed into proper sequence. (DCOM:”The Bomb”) Director Michael Imison also notably achieved a numberof special effects shots through the liberal use of forced perspective, something which hadn’t been widely attempted in Doctor Who to that time.
  • Imison’s use of playback to indicate that the bridge computers and control consoles on the Ark were fully operational was also unusually sophisticated for the Hartnell era.

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