Arielle Markhof



Arielle Markhof

Main Aliases:

Arielle Martha Urn



Affiliated With:

Markh of Mining Corporation
University of Yquatine


Boris Markhof


The Fall of Yquatine


Arielle Markhof, who sometimes went by the name Arielle Martha Urn, was a xenobiology student at the University of Yquatine. Having had radical reconstructive surgery that left her a beautiful woman, she decided to break with her family’s chosen career path of working at the Markh of Mining Corporation and head off for Yquatine and a more academic career.

Arriving in Yendip in time for the 99th Treaty Day, she was quickly charmed by the cosmopolitan nature of the capitol city of the Minerva system.

Possessed of a friendly personality — and extraordinary good looks, but the humility of a once-ugly person — she quickly made a number of acquaintances in her new environment. One of these was Fitz Kreiner and, later, the Eighth Doctor and Compassion.

She was also quickly romanced by the President of the Minerva System, but her relationship with him ended tragically. Compassion programmed her chameleon circuit to adopt her form so she could reach out to the President. (The Fall of Yquatine)

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