First Mentioned In:



Retail Therapy

Main Voice Actor:

Nicholas Briggs


Arianna lived on the Powell Estate. Jackie Tyler identified Arianna as “practically [her] best friend”. (Retail Therapy) She had a dog, and was allergic to something contained in breadsticks. (Wednesdays For Beginners)

After Rose Tyler escaped from the Henrik’s where she worked before it was destroyed on 4 March 2005, Jackie advised her to pursue compensation. Jackie noted that Arianna “got two thousand quid off the council just because the old man behind the desk said she looked Greek”. She then added; “I know she is Greek, but that’s not the point — it’s a valid claim.” (Rose)

Arianna was a Glubby Glubs customer. After Tycho Fairbank’s company was defeated, Arianna returned her Glubby Glubs to Jackie, telling her that she didn’t feel she needed them anymore. Like the rest of the estate, Arianna felt renewed, but due to the Ninth Doctor’s interference through the TARDIS, she did not remember why. She chalked it up to a new diet plan she’d read up on. (Retail Therapy)

One Wednesday, Jackie found that Arianna, along with the rest of her neighbours, had gone missing. In reality, she was being isolated from N-Space by the Harvesters in their plot to lure The Doctor and Rose. (Wednesdays For Beginners)

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