The Architects of History

The Architects of History
The Architects of History

Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Tracey Childs (Dr Elizabeth Klein), Lenora Crichlow (Rachel Cooper), Ian Hayles (Sam Kirke), Jamie Parker (Major Richter), Lloyd McGuire (Generalleutnant Tendexter), Chris Porter (Selachian Leader), Rachel Laurence (Feldwebel/Computer Voice), David Dobson (Pilot/Selachian)


The year is 2044. Earth is enjoying a Golden Age of peace, prosperity and technological advancement… but somebody is plotting to destroy all that. The Selachians, shark-like alien monsters, launch a crippling attack on Earth’s Moonbase, using deadly weapons from the future.

Help is at hand. A police telephone box appears in a Moonbase hangar. A time-travelling hero has returned in the hour of Earth’s greatest need. Now, Elizabeth Klein must fight to save not only the Galactic Reich but Time itself from the mysterious prisoner who has orchestrated these fateful events… The Doctor.

Written by: Steve Lyons

Directed by: John Ainsworth



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  • The Architects of History was the one hundred and thirty-second monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions.
  • The Doctor remembers Klein stealing his TARDIS on the Vrill colony and time reshaping itself around him over and over again until he found himself in his cell on the Moonbase three days earlier. He has no memory of his alternative self’s intentions or actions prior to his consciousness replacing that of his counterpart. Consequently, he is unaware of the location of his alternative self’s TARDIS.
  • Klein has bought about the defeat of the Sontarans and the Daleks in the alternative timeline. Dalek technology has been integrated into the Reich ships being built at the Moonbase.
  • In the alternative timeline, 2044 is the hundredth year of the Golden Age of the Galactic Reich.
  • The console room of the alternative Doctor’s TARDIS has black walls and low lighting.

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