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Arcadia was, as mentioned by the Eleventh Doctor, “Gallifrey’s second city”. (The Day Of The Doctor).  It’s location was in the Arcadian desert. (Mistfall)
During the war with the Great Vampires, there were military barracks that were located outside of Arcadia. (The Multi-Faceted War)

The First Doctor had planned to live in Arcadia with Susan Foreman. He and Susan had performed a ritual there with a group of rebellious Prydonians. The Master was also present at the ritual. (The Toy)

Narvin had dined in the palace of Arcadia with a delegation of Sunari. (Intervention Earth)

During the Last Great Time War, it was thought to be “the safest place on Gallifrey”, protected by 400 sky trenches. (The Last Day) A posting in Arcadia, scanning the sky trenches, was considered an easy and secure job, desirable among soldiers. (The Conscript) It was believed that nothing could get through their defences. (The Last Day)

Nevertheless, some Dalek forces managed to breach these supposedly impregnable defences on the last day of the War. While one alone was enough to lay waste to Arcadia, many others descended to destroy everything and sent Arcadia’s residents fleeing for their lives, with soldiers desperately trying to fight off the enormous fleet in a losing battle. This had led to the fall of the city, which was in a painting. The War Doctor was present; who was extremely weary by this point in his life from combat, loss and suffering, he had chosen this location to serve notice to both Daleks and Time Lords alike that he was going to end the Time War today. (The Last Day, The Day Of The Doctor)

During the Fall of Arcadia, the War Doctor used the gun of a Time Lord soldier to blast the message to both Daleks and Time Lords on a wall — “No more”. Once the message was completed, he flew his TARDIS through a wall and into a group of Daleks before fleeing the city. (The Day Of The Doctor) Bowships were used in the battle, but failed to prevent the city’s fall. (A Prologue)

The Moment had shown the War Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, and Clara Oswald the ruined state Arcadia had been left in by the Time War. Among these images were innocent civilians screaming and crying in terror as Arcadia was torn apart by Dalek invasion. This was a deliberate choice so the Doctors and Clara would understand the ultimate consequences of destroying Gallifrey. This helped convince them to find a more peaceful solution to end the war. (The Day Of The Doctor)

The Tenth Doctor mentioned later that he was present at the Fall of Arcadia, and he still hadn’t recovered from it. He had hoped one day to come to terms with it. (Doomsday)

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