Ice Warrior

Place of Origin:



Frozen Time

Main Voice Actor:

Nicholas Briggs


Arakssor was a Martian who led a group of dissidents on Mars.

Millions of years BC, the Martian civilisation faced strife when Arakssor led like-minded Ice Warriors in an attempt to take over his people’s government. His aim was to turn his race from a noble, peaceful species into a conquering one. He was stopped due to the intervention of the Seventh Doctor and the Martian elder Geldar. Arakssor and his band of war criminals were banished to primitive Earth, where they were imprisoned in the ice of the Antarctic under a sentence of life imprisonment. During a skirmish in the prison, all the individuals within the facility were frozen, including The Doctor and Geldar.

There they remained until the year 2012, when a human expedition led by Lord Barset accidentally woke The Doctor, the Ice Warrior criminals and Arakssor. Arakssor quickly took over the facility whilst attempting to track down escaped humans and the Doctor. When his forces had secured the prison, Arakssor freed his opponent Geldar from the ice and murdered him in cold blood. Arakssor planned to take over Earth and become the supreme rulerof the Ice Warriors. He would turn them into the brutal warrior race he had envisaged.

In furtherance of this task, he planned to power the prison’s sonic cannon to heat the Earth’s greenhouse gases away. This would make Earth his “fortress” that Martian life could thrive in, and cause the human race to be “frozen out of existence”. His plans hastened after realising Mars was a dead planet. The Doctor thwarted Arakssor’s plans by summoning a Martian warship from the other side of the galaxy. Upon recognising Arakssor, the commander, Red 0089, attacked the Ice Warriors in their prison from orbit, sentencing them to death for trying to escape their prison. (Frozen Time)

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