April MacLean


Miss Quill Tanya

For Tonight We Might Die
April played by Sophie Hopkins



April Maclean


Shadow Kin

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Coal Hill School
Coal Hill defenders
Shadow Kin

First Seen In:

For Tonight We Might Die


The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo
Co-Ownerof a Lonely Heart / Brave-ish Heart
The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did
The Lost
The Stone House
What She Does Next Will Astound You
Everybody Loves Reagan
The Soers’ Ditch
The Creeper

Main Actor:

Sophie Hopkins


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April MacLean was a student at Coal Hill Academy in 2016. After she fired a displacement gun at Corakinus and Charlie pushed herout of the way, she and Corakinus began sharing April’s heart, allowing her brief glimpses into his thoughts.

At some point, April began to date Ram Singh, but their relationship hit some turbulence after April told Ram that she wasn’t in love with him as much as he was with her and that she didn’t trust how fast he’d fallen for her.

She organised the school prom and was in the group of students the Twelfth Doctor asked to protect Coal Hill. She briefly became the new Shadow King, but those new powers were taken away from her after Corakinus broke the stronger link that had been formed via an anchorof her lifeblood.

During the Shadow Kin’s assault on Earth, April was killed by Charlie so that Corakinus would die too. After Charlie used the Cabinet of Souls to kill the Shadow Kin, April was resurrected, but in Corakinus’ body.

April was born in 1999. (Nightvisiting, Detained)

April’s father, Huw MacLean, was a folk singer and fiddle player. He was often away so April and her mother, Jackie, did not see him very much. At some point he began to drink a lot of alcohol and started to have suicidal thoughts. (Nightvisiting)

On her eighth birthday, Jackie got her a beautiful blue dress, which became her favourite. (Brave-ish Heart)

While April was 8 years old, he purposefully drove off the motorway with both Jackie and April in the car. April’s mother was paralysed as a result, while April herself was not hurt. Her father survived and went to prison for causing the crash. (Nightvisiting) She had to testify against him in court. (Detained) After the incident, April made a promise to herself that she would always be in control, that she wouldn’t let others dictate her circumstances. (Joyride) April took care of her mother ever since. (For Tonight We Might Die)


April did not have much of social life. Miss Quill once called her “the wallflowerof Shoreditch”. (Joyride) On the other hand, she actively participated in various committees at school. (The Stone House)

When the Shadow Kin appeared at Coal Hill, looking for Charlie, the prince of the Rhodians in exile, Miss Quill tried to get April to shoot a displacement gun at the Shadow King, Corakinus, which would kill both April and him. When she fired it at an indirect angle, Corakinus’ heart was scattered across the universe, and the two began to share April’s. As a result, she could occasionally see into Corakinus’ thoughts, for brief periods of time. Corakinus tried taking April back through the rip in space-time after The Doctor and Tanya Adeola forced the Shadow Kin back, but Ram Singh freed her by attacking Corakinus with a chair. (For Tonight We Might Die)

April knew Poppy from violin lessons and thought that she was nice, sweet and lonely. April was shocked by the news that Poppy stole a car and drove it into a betting shop window killing herself. It reminded herof her father crashing their car.

One Tuesday, as she was walking from home to school, Steve Hopley, an employee of Joyriders company, took control of her body. Before returning control to her about half an hour later in front of the school, he used her body to binge-drink vodka. As a result, she came to Miss Quill’s class late and completely drunk, although having no memory of drinking. She kissed Charlie when he tried to help her back on her feet and threw up on Miss Quill’s shoes. Later the same day April, Charlie and Tanya saw Amar Sai on the roof. They managed to prevent “joyrider” Viola Cummings, who was controlling Amar’s body, from running a trial suicide at his expense. As April and her friends gathered in Charlie’s house to decide how to find Ram, who did not come to school, her body was overtaken by another “joyrider”, Barry Taylor. To eliminate the immediate threat to Charlie, Miss Quill had to knock April’s body out. (Joyride)

She loved Halloween and helped to get the school ready for the school disco. She got angry when the DJ got the announcements wrong. She couldn’t find Matteusz and decided to call him but got a garbled message. She went with Charlie to the location his phone was. She got creeped out by it. In a cellar looking for Matteusz she saw runic symbols. The Creeper sent her into the pessage so that they could get Quill and Matteusz back, which was partially happened by Matteusz was possessed. (The Creeper)

April helped Ram after the Lankin took the form of Rachel Chapman. After arriving at Coal Hill she theorised that the main root of the creature was in the direction of Tanya’s flat and went there. When she and Ram got there they were trapped by the Lankin and wrapped in its roots for standing in it’s way when it tried to ensnare. She was released when Quill ran it over with a bus. (Nightvisiting)

She told Tanya that if Paul Sanchez came to Robot Competition he found her attractive. When Paul shifted into Tanya, April worked out which was the right Tanya. (Catfish)

Following Tanya’s request, April went with the others to check an old stone house. When they were inside, she got separated from the others and knocked unconscious by the unseen female bone spider. (The Stone House)

She wanted to start a study group to talk about poetry, but no-one was interested. She met with Thomas Laneford who could quote poetry. She went with Tom back to Carterhaugh House and met with Mab. She found out that the house was the basis of a folk ballad. Tom thought that Mab wanted to take someone and told April to keep reading. April found out that Ram was there and was something weird happening. April was Tom’s beacon of loyalty. She found one of Tom’s books in her bag after being banished from the house, but didn’t know where it had come from. She talked to Ram to try and get them to both remember something. April thought she probably the house came through the tear. She wanted to help Tom at any cost. April was upset when Tom was killed by Mab as revenge. When Mab used her father against her, she realised exactly what Mab was. She held onto Ram to stop Mab from taking full control. Following the defeat of Mab, she decided to honour Tom and all the others that Mab had killed by writing a song. (Gifted)

She organised a well-being society but no-one turned up, she did this so that she could go on a scheme. She met with Reagan Harper when she came to the club. Reagan got her to explain all of her problems, but when this happen she lost track of time and woke up 3 hours later. She explained this to Tanya. She was a bit weirded out when both Tanya and Ram said they knew Reagan. She went to the school councilor and thought she was dead. She later went on a date with Ram. She was jealous of Reagan and she thought something was wrong with her. She zoned out again. Thinking something was wrong about Reagan she investigated all All-Girls School’s in Manchester and found out that she didn’t exist. Reagan later told April that she was the only who she couldn’t heal. She attended what seemed to be mass knocking out of students. April realised that remembering the bad times defeated her. She decided to let Reagan go to Switzerland. (Everybody Loves Reagan)

Ram and Matteusz were on a team playing bowling against April and Charlie. On her way home she encountered Runthar who took her and Ram to his people. They later realised that they were to be prey in a hunt. After being placed in the ditch, she thought that the soer’s had delibrately put something there. She was concerned for Ram when he had to jump across a hole. (The Soers’ Ditch)

She started to become more influenced by Corakinus due to his experiments to keep the heart in his body. This influence made her have extreme ideologies when Miss Shah asked a simple question in class. Huw decided to make an appearance at this time and April nearly killed him with a Shadow Kin scimitar. After Dorothea Ames told Ram to take her home, the pair ended up having sex, before being caught by Jackie. After Ram left the house, her father reappeared and, with her anger heightened by Corakinus’ influence, April tried to kill her father. However, Ram returned and his intervention helped April to regain control of herself in time to spare her father’s life. She then used the connection to try to heal her mother from her paralysis. On completing this, she realised that Corakinus knew where she was and decided to travel to the Underneath to stop him, followed by Ram. (Co-Ownerof a Lonely Heart)

She travelled to Corakinus’ palace, with the intent to fight him. Ram tried to talk herout of it but she went through with it knowing that if she defeated Corakinus she would become King. Towards the end of the fight, Jackie managed to get a strong enough emotional connection with April to create a tear back to Coal Hill. Ram’s father and Huw went through the tear to try to get them home. Huw told April not to take a life, telling her how hard it was when he tried to take his own. Even though she didn’t kill Corakinus, she had defeated him and became Shadow King herself.

She travelled back to Earth in time to see the killer petals taking over the world. Using her sovereignty over the Shadow Kin, she commanded them to kill the killer petals and then go back home and destroy the path that brought them to Earth. She was delighted when her mother was able stand up, proving that her attempt to cure Jackie had worked. Jackie’s leg muscles, however, remained weak from prolonged disuse. After Corakinus was imprisoned, she lost the stronger connection with him. (Brave-ish Heart)

She was slightly worried before a physics mock. (Mock)

When Quill put her in detention, she left April in charge on the class. She had the key to the room they were in and opened the door and accidentally let in the meteor that contained the Prisoner. The meteor brought the classroom into no-time, no-space. After seeing the effect that the Prisoner had on Matteusz and Tanya, and hearing the confession of Ram that he believed that she didn’t love him as much as he loved her, she took possession of the meteor and relived the moment she had to testify against her father in court. The Prisoner also made her confess that she didn’t love Ram as much as he loved her as she didn’t trust how fast Ram had fallen in love with her. After they had returned to Earth she went after Ram when he ran off. (Detained)

After the events in Class B3, she didn’t see much of Ram. She decided to write “The Lost”, a song about her emotions following her breakup with Ram. During a performance, she briefly felt Corakinus on Earth. Shortly afterwards Ram came to her and told her that Corakinus had killed his father. Corakinus then came to threaten her mother, but he couldn’t do to Jackie having shadow in her veins. She knew that the closer she was the Corakinus the more she could hear his thoughts. She went to the school to find him, but first called Ram to tell her how much she loved him. She arrived in time to see that Corakinus had captured Matteusz. However, she knew that what he wanted was for her to come back to the Underneath, so she got him to release Matteusz and put herself in his place. Being this close, she could read Corakinus’ thoughts and told everyone that Corakinus wanted to kill the human race. Charlie killed her as he knew that this would kill Corakinus and he would become King. After the Shadow Kin were defeated she was resurrected but in Corakinus’ body. (The Lost)


April considered herself to be “nice”, but her mother corrected her: she was kind. (For Tonight We Might Die)

Miss Quill commented that “God knows, [April’s heart] is big enough [to share with Corakinus].” (For Tonight We Might Die) April found it difficult to make friends, as she believed that everybody perceived her as “fragile”. (Nightvisiting)

April was very organised. She planned a preparation party for her surprise birthday party. When Tanya and Ram went to investigate the old stone house, April packed a tote bag with all the necessities and more for them. (The Stone House)


April played the violin—mostly folk music—something she only revealed to close friends, (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) as well as the keyboard. She also painted. (Co-Ownerof a Lonely Heart)

After she began sharing her heart with Corakinus, April gained the ability to occasionally see into his thoughts (For Tonight We Might Die) and to produce Shadow Kin scimitars. She also had a certain amount of control over Corakinus, though he, too, would sometimes take control of April. (Co-Ownerof a Lonely Heart) She lost her Shadow Kin abilities after Corakinus ripped off the anchor that strengthened their connection. (Brave-ish Heart)

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