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Mission to Magnus
Mission to Magnus
Antidote to Oblivion

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Malcolm Rennie


Anzor was a Time Lord who attended the Academy at the same time as the First Doctor. According to Peri Brown on meeting him, he looked like a Victorian undertaker. (Mission to Magnus)

Anzor was the school bully in the class of the fourth millennium at the Academy on Gallifrey. He had a device called “the galvaniser”, a short blue rod with a glowing orange tip. He used the galvaniser (a torture device) on his classmates to ensure that they did as he said. He particularly bullied The Doctor, forcing him to do his navigational homework as he was too stupid to do it himself. He used the galvaniser on The Doctor at least once, as he later threatened to “revive your memory of my galvaniser” to terrify him.

Only one person ever stood up to Anzor, a boy named Cheevah. Anzor sealed Cheevah in a block of crystal and dropped him from the academy bell tower into the school yard as a punishment. The Doctor later told Peri that Anzor had forced the rest of the children to laugh at this under threat of a shock from his galvaniser. (Mission to Magnus)

He had met Sil on Thoros Beta, before their encounter on Magnus. (Mission to Magnus)


Years later he encountered The Doctor’s sixth incarnation, still traumatised by his experiences with Anzor at the Academy. Anzor forced him into a locked orbit above the planet Magnus, using his superior Type 60 TARDIS to do it. Anzor had been summoned to Magnus because, the natives wanted to learn the secret of time travel for an advantage over their foes. He was told to meet Sil, after his TARDIS in the form of an Oak Tree. On finding out of the leaders of Magnus were women he was annoyed as he thought women weren’t worthy. After his refusal, he was tortured and revealed a complete coward, begging them not to hurt him. Witnessing the true, cowardly nature of his old foe, who had swiftly succumbed to torture that The Doctor would have resisted for far longer, The Doctor revealed that Anzor was a terrible pilot, and then angrily turned on him and blamed Anzor for the Magnusians gaining the knowledge. They revealed they had learned it from The Doctor and had programmed Anzor’s TARDIS with it. Anzor tried to escape, but The Doctor had provided the Magnii with false knowledge, causing Anzor’s TARDIS to fly back to the big bang slowly, believing his foe did not know how to reverse it. He found his way back to Magnus cursing The Doctor for his humiliation, only for the Doctor to simply tell him to “get stuffed!” He continued to insult Anzor before abandoning him and leaving. (Mission to Magnus)
Genetic modification
Anzor was later experimented on by Sil. As Time Lords were naturally immune to many of the diseases plaguing Earth in the late 24th century, Sil hoped to extract cures for the diseases from Anzor’s DNA and sell them for a great profit. However, the experiments went wrong and Anzor was turned into, as Flip Jackson described it, “a pink potato with eyes on sticks”, only apparently capable of repeatedly saying “Fiddlesticks!” (Antidote to Oblivion)

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