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Anwen Williams



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The New World

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The Blood Line

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Anwen Williams was the daughterof Gwen Cooper and Rhys Williams.

Gwen discovered that she was pregnant with Anwen when Clement McDonald “smelled” her pregnancy. Later, while she was using Torchwood technology to confirm her pregnancy, Jack Harkness put his hand into the machine that Gwen was using, revealing that there was a bomb inside him. (Children of Earth: Day One)

After Anwen was born, she lived in hiding with her parents in Wales. She visited her grandfather in Cardiff with her parents, where Rhys convinced Gwen not to investigate the Miracle, by suggesting that Anwen could live forever. Later, when her house was under attack, she escaped with her parents, Jack Harkness and Rex Matheson before they were all extradited to America on Rex’s orders. (The New World) Shortly afterwards, Anwen, along with her father and grandmother, was kidnapped, and used as leverage to force Gwen to turn in Jack Harkness. (The Middle Men) Fortunately, Andy Davidson, along with several other police officers soon arrived and rescued Anwen and the others. (Immortal Sins) Anwen’s mother soon was deported from America and returned to Wales. Anwen stayed at home with her family and soon met Oswald Danes, who picked her up after breaking into her house. Forobvious reasons, Anwen’s mother did not feel comfortable with Anwen being held by a man who had been sentenced to death for raping and murdering a child. She attacked Oswald. (The Gathering)

Now a toddler, Anwen witnessed her mother lose control in a Swansea supermarket, punching a security guard.
(Exodus Code)


The name of the infant who portrays Anwen has not been disclosed and her character is left uncredited, thus her Main Actor cannot be listed in this article for the foreseeable future.

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