The Daleks

Main Actor:

Marcus Hammond


Ahab was a mercenary from the 501st century.

Antodus was the brotherof Ganatus. He was a member of the Thal expedition to seek another way into the Dalek City via their water supply system. He became distressed after the death of Elyon and was reluctant to continue the mission, but after a rockfall blocked the way back, he was forced to continue the journey.

Ian Chesterton helped the Thals jump across a chasm in this system to progress by supporting the expedition with a rope tied around him. When it was Antodus’s turn to jump, he missed, pulling Ian down. Unable to pull himself back up the smooth rock face, Antodus cut the rope and fell into the chasm, saving Ian’s life. (The Daleks)


Antodus was more fearful of the Thals’ mission to enter The Dalek City than some of his comrades. However, he was not a coward, cutting the rope to avoid taking Ian down with him. (The Daleks)

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