St Anthony’s Fire

St Anthony's Fire
St Anthony’s Fire


“No time. They have come. They have come at last.”

The Doctor and Bernice visit Betrushia, a planet famous for its beautiful ring system. They soon discover that the rain-drenched jungles are in turmoil. A vicious, genocidal war is raging between the lizard-like natives. The ground itself is wracked by mysterious earthquakes. And an unknown force is moving inexorably forwards, devastating everything in its path.

Ace wanted out, she’s resting on a neighbouring world. But from the outer reaches of space, a far greater threat is approaching Betrushia, and even Ace may find it impossible to escape.

With time running out, The Doctor must save the people of Betrushia from their own terrible legacy before the wrath of St Anthony’s Fire is visited upon them all.


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  • St Anthony’s Fire was the thirty first New Adventures novel and featured the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice Summerfield.
  • Bernice researches (using the TARDIS library) the Shovoran dynasty and finds some interesting information on the Tytheg, a humanoid race.
  • Ace gets brainwashed by the Chapterof Saint Anthony, gets her head shaved and walks around naked on their mothership.
  • The cricket ball which The Doctor used in Four to Doomsday was vacuum resistant and propulsion powered.

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