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The Horns of Nimon
Doctor Who and the Horns of Nimon


The Anethans were a humanoid race native to Aneth. Externally, Anethans appeared similar to both Skonnans and Gallifreyans.


The species and their home planet been under the control of the Skonnan Empire for generations. The grandparents of Princess Teka and her peers witnessed the initial conquest years earlier. (Doctor Who and the Horns of Nimon)

Anethans were a peace-loving people, in contrast to those of the neighbouring planet Skonnos. (Doctor Who and the Horns of Nimon).

Some Skonnans, such as the co-pilot Sardor, looked down on all Anethans and considered them weakling, craven, and inferior scum. (The Horns of Nimon). Because of their peaceful nature, the people of Aneth quickly bowed to Skonnans when they invaded and accepted their demands of sacrifice and tribute to the Nimon. Over the years, tribute of young Anethan nobility was demanded of them seven times. The seventh and final tribute the Anethans were forced to give was thwarted by the Fourth Doctor and Romana II, and the young Prince Seth and Princess Teka were able to return home safely. (Doctor Who and the Horns of Nimon)

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