Face the Raven


Anah was a Janus living in an alien refugee camp in London, and the mother of Anahson. Anah and Anahson had escaped slavery and sought asylum in the “trap street”. In the early 21st century, she was apparently murdered by Rigsy. The Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald found her body stored in stasis; Mayor Me claimed she was being kept until someone came to bury her, even though the Janus cremated their dead. The Doctor discovered that Anah was still alive, her stasis chamber actually a piece of medical equipment. To release her, the machine required he give up the TARDIS key.

Anah’s faked death was revealed to be a trap orchestrated by Me, with the goal of forcing a teleport bracelet onto The Doctor’s wrist to have him teleported (Face the Raven) by Rassilon into The Doctor’s confession dial for questioning, (Hell Bent) as part of a deal Me made to protect the trap street. (Face the Raven)

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