An Unauthorized History of the Doctor Who Universe (Fourth Edition Vol. 2)

Ahistory: An Unauthorized History of the DoctorWho Universe (Fourth Edition Vol. 2
Ahistory: An Unauthorized History of the DoctorWho Universe (Fourth Edition Vol. 2)

When did the Cybermen have an empire?

When did Captain Jack start working for Torchwood?

…and did Shakespeare really die at Bosworth Field?

Find the answers here in A History: a complete timeline of the DoctorWho universe, starting with its inceptedition in Event One and ending with its final destruction many billions of years in the future. Dates cited range from the obvious (the Kennedy assassination) to the obscure (the year dogs will evolve thumbs). Extensive annotations detail the book’s reasoning and research, plus a wealth of behind-the-scenes information.

This expanded second edition of AHistory includes almost half again as much material as its sold-out predecessor. For the very first time, the new AHistory includes the entire run of Doctor Who Magazine comics that have been publishing since 1979. The comics join the grand tapestry of the DoctorWho show (up to and including the 2007 series starring David Tennant), all original Doctor Who novels up through”Wooden Heart”, all Big Finish Doctor Who audios up through”Frozen Time”, all Torchwood Series 1 episodes, and much more. All told, this book incorporates more than forty years of Doctor Who into a single massive chronology of epic proportions.

Fully revised and expanded to cover nearly 800 stories

With additional material by Lars Pearson


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Fourth edition

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