Amelia Ducat

The Seeds of Doom



Amelia Ducat



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The Seeds of Doom

Main Actor:

Sylvia Coleridge


Amelia Ducat was, according to Sarah Jane Smith, one of the world’s leading flower artists.

Amelia had sold one of her paintings to Harrison Chase, who never paid her. When the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane discovered the painting in the boot of a car driven by a man who had tried to kill them, they spoke with Ducat. They learned that Chase had bought the painting and traced the stolen Krynoid pod back to him.

Ducat later visited Chase on the pretext of receiving her payment, but was secretly investigating on behalf of Sir Colin Thackeray. While there, she encountered Sarah Jane, who told her what had happened. When she reported back to Sir Colin, she said she was quite happy to put herself at risk, having served with an artillery unit during World War II. (The Seeds of Doom)

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