Ambrose Northover

 Cold Blood



Ambrose Northover



Place of Origin:


First Seen In:

Cold Blood


The Hungry Earth

Main Actor:

Nia Roberts


Ambrose Northover (née Mack) was a woman who lived in the village of Cwmtaff‎. Ambrose provided the Meals on Wheels service for the valley in which Cwmstaff was situated. In 2020, her son, Elliot, and her husband Mo were taken by the Silurians to experiment on. Her father was Tony Mack, one of the two onsite executives of the Cwmtaff drilling project. (The Hungry Earth) She was mocked by the captured Silurian, Alaya and unintentionally killed her. She helped her father and Rory Williams carry the body down into the Silurian city, where she confronted the Silurians and threatened them with the drill above the city. The Eleventh Doctor prevented her from being shot and helped her and her family escape. He also deactivated the drill with an energy pulse. She realised her mistakes and told The Doctor she would use them as an example for her son. (Cold Blood)

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