Amber Dent



Amber Dent




Whispers of Terror

Main Actor:

Rebecca Jenkins


Amber Dent was hired by Beth Pernell to break into the Museum of Aural Antiquities and alter recordings of Visteen Krane’s speeches to make them supportive of Pernell. After killing Dent’s partner, G off Fotherill, Krane discovered a recording of a phone conversation between Dent and her employer, whose voice was electronically distorted. Krane demanded that Dent reveal who had hired her and she fled, with Krane in pursuit. She ran into Hans Stengard. Hysterical with fear, she asked to be placed in a soundpro of room. Later, Pernell had Stengard kill her to prevent her from implicating them and make it look like a suicide. (Whispers of Terror)

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