The Ambassadors of Death VHS

The Ambassadors of Death VHS

The Ambassadors of Death VHS


When all the communication is lost from Mars Probe 7 shortly after it leaves Mars and begins its trip back to Earth, a second craft is launched to investigate. As Recovery 7 docks in space, it too loses all communication…

The Doctor and UNIT have been given the task of investigating the mystery, as Recovery 7 returns to Earth. It appears that no one can be trusted, as the space capsule is hijacked from its UNIT convoy with military precise.

What has happened to the missing astronauts? Could there be a secret invasion from Mars, or is the enemy much closer to home?

As The Doctor plans a daring space mission of his own, his assistant Liz Shaw goes missing. Who is working against UNIT in order to bring mankind into a bad conflict with an alien race...?

This story was first shown on BBC1 between 21 March – 2 May 1970. This tape has over 90 minutes in colour, with the remaining material in black & white.

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