Type 103 TARDIS

Place of Origin:

Simia KK98


Alien Bodies


Marie was a sentient humanoid type 103 TARDIS during the War in Heaven.

For the first decade of her life, the Time Lords kept Marie in a box on Simia KK98, making sure she couldn’t move into the vortex or the physical world. She spent over a year angrily screaming and thrashing in the time before they let her free. At her naming ceremony, she was designated a female, so XX circuits and a chameleon circuit were wired into her corridors; she chose the name Marie for herself.

At some point, the High Council allowed Marie to mate with a type 105 TARDIS, curious to see the mutations it might produce. She carried a baby TARDIS within her and, when it was born, the Time Lords took it from her.

Marie was paired with the Time Lord Homunculette, who came to see her more as a companion than as a vehicle. At some point during her life with Homunculette, she landed on Earth in the 1960s and became temporarily stuck in the form of a female police officer, a form to which she often defaulted when her systems were otherwise damaged lateron. Another fault in her systems caused her to hiccup every time she landed in a new space-time.

On another mission, they travelled to Earth in the late 21st century to attend the auction for the Relic. There she was attacked by Mr Shift, who introduced the concept of paranoia to her; she then used her weapons on herself. While her internal and external structures were damaged, she made a full recovery. (Alien Bodies)

She later appeared as a tall black woman dressed in tasteless future fashions and was excited to meet Compassion. (The Taking of Planet 5)

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