Alice Donelly



Alice Donelly



Place of Origin:



Ben Donelly



Main Voice Actor:

Lucy Fleming


Alice Donelly was the mother of Ben Donelly, a friend of Kate Stewart and the caretakerof Ealdon House.

Noticing an irregularity in UNIT’s paperwork, Kate headed to Ealdon House. There she met Ben and Alice. Kate’s memories of visiting the house soon returned to her and the unsettling nature of the long gallery. Entering there again she had another encounter with the supposed Grey Man and was nearly frightened out of her wits. After recovering, Kate was joined by Osgood and Josh and discovered that Alice had discovered a particular resonance in the house that induced fear in the humans. She had wanted to harness this resonance as a weapon before Kate’s father stopped her. With an unknown alien presence drawing near, responding to a message Alice left years ago and hearing of mass outbreaks of terror in the capital, Kate and Osgood deciphered and completed the message, obverting the crisis. (Invocation)

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