Alice Carter

Children of Earth Day Two



Alice Carter

Main aliases:

Melissa Moretti



Place of Origin:



Franklin, Jack Harkness’ mother


Lucia Moretti


Jack Harkness


Steven Carter


Joe Carter

First Seen In:

Children of Earth: Day One


Children of Earth: Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five

Main Actor:

Lucy Cohu


Alice Carter (previously Sangster, née Melissa Moretti, b. 5 August 1975) was the daughterof Jack Harkness and Lucia Moretti of Torchwood Three.


Melissa was born on 5 August 1975 to Jack Harkness and Lucia Moretti, both of Torchwood Three. In 1977, Lucia left Torchwood and had Melissa put into deep cover in order to distance her from the life of her father, and she was given the alias of Alice Sangster. Her parents were recorded as James and Mary Sangster, which were placeholder names used in the early 1970s. (Children of Earth: Day Three) She spent her life running from Jack, remarking that “a man who can’t die has got nothing to fear”. (Children of Earth: Day Four)

Alice went on to marry Joe Carter and had a son named Steven. Joe later left her and had a relationship with another woman, with whom he went to Italy with. However, Joe still called them occasionally, sent Steven postcards and remembered his birthday, for which Alice remarked that there were”worse fathers”. (Children of Earth: Day One)

Lucia, who had believed that trouble would at some point find Alice and Steven, (Children of Earth: Day Two) died of heart disease on 23 November 2006, (Children of Earth: Day Three) and Jack attended her funeral. Jack and Alice had something of a relationship, with her father assisting her financially by writing her cheques. Alice told him to stay away because of him being dangerous and his looking younger than her, and because of the latter she told Steven that Jack was his uncle. (Children of Earth: Day One)


Like every child on Earth, Steven was briefly taken over by the 456 in 2009. (Children of Earth: Day One, Children of Earth: Day Two, Children of Earth: Day Three, Children of Earth: Day Four)

Following this takeover, Alice was visited by her father, who wanted to perform some tests on Steven. She denied Jack the opportunity, she saw the harm that might befall her son should he associate too much with his grandfather. She had told Steven Jack was his uncle, presumably until he grew old enough to realise Jack did not age and be told he was actually his grandfather. (Children of Earth: Day One)

Agent Johnson and her men took Alice and Steven into custody to use against Jack. (Children of Earth: Day Three)

On Day Five, Alice and Steven were released from prison. Jack needed a child to reverse the signal that had killed Clem McDonald, to use against the 456. With no other child available, Jack used his grandson, despite Alice’s wishes.

Steven died. Afterwards, Alice encountered her father in a hallway, but turned and left him without saying a word.  (Children of Earth: Day Five)

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