Alfie Owens

Closing Time


Alfie Owens



Place of Origin:



Closing Time / Up All Night

Main Aliases:

Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All


Alfie Owens was the son of Craig Owens and Sophie.

According to the Eleventh Doctor, who claimed to be able to speak baby, Alfie preferred to call himself “Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All”. He called Sophie “Mum”, Craig”Not Mum”, The Doctor”Also Not Mum” and everyone else”Peasants”.

In 2011, while his mother was away for the weekend, Alfie met The Doctor while he was visiting Alfie’s father. Alfie accompanied them to investigate a Cyberman invasion and was transmatted onto a Cyber Ship. That night, while his father was on a milk run, The Doctor babysat and saved Alfie from a Cybermat attack. The next day, Craig left Alfie with Val, a store clerk, while he went to help The Doctor fight the Cybermen. When he boarded the Cyber Ship, however, the Cybermen tried to convert Craig into a Cyber-Controller. Alfie began to cry at the same time, however. Hearing his baby cry not only re-awakened Craig’s emotions and freed him from the Cyber-converter, but caused all of the Cybermen to start feeling again. The emotional feedback made the Cybermen and their ship explode.

Alfie’s crying saved Craig, The Doctor and Earth, and the Cybermen were defeated. After this, The Doctor claimed that Alfie began calling Craig “Dad” and now preferred the name Alfie to Stormageddon.

Alfie’s first word was “Doctor”. (Closing Time)

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