Time Lord

Place of Origin:




Main Voice Actor:

Jessica Hayles


Commander Aladra was an operative for the War Council during the Last Great Time War. She was a specialist on the planet Ysalus, a rich source of the ylirium oil used to power Dalek time machines. Aladra was sent by Director Mantus to back the Ysalarians over the Neo Solitarians in Ysalus’ planetary war, aiming to cause the destruction of the planet and all potential Dalek resources found on it. Aladra was completely loyal to Lord President Eternal Rassilon.

Aladra had placed weapons in orbit about Ysalus and she had programmed her TARDIS to send a signal to them to destroy the Neo Solitarians’ capital city which would force them to develop weapons which would destroy the entire planet and deprive The Daleks of its resources. She enticed Temmis, a leader of the Ysalarian forces to go to her TARDIS to trigger the weapons.

When Ysta, a native of Ysalus learned of Aladra’s plans, she shot her with a staser, prompting Aladra’s regeneration. Desperate to protect her home and not fully understanding the biological process she was witnessing, Ysta shot Aladra several more times, until all remaining regeneration energy was used up and she died. (Partisans)

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