Aisha Akhtar

Aisha Akhtar



Aisha Akhtar



First Seen In:

Lost Property


Wild Animals
Must-See TV
Divine Intervention
Dead Time
Baker Street Irregulars

Main Voice Actor:

Amina Zia


Aisha Akhtar lived in 107 Baker Street with her sister, Zakia.

Aisha worked as a temp for an agency which had her working for the council. For a time, she and Zakia argued with Ron Winters and Tony Clare, but tensions settled until they were stirred again by the Pandora Bolt. She befriended Helen Sinclair when she moved in with the Eighth Doctor and Liv Chenka. (Lost Property)

Aisha and Zakia helped Liv get a job as a cashier at their cousin Sanjit’s convenience store on Baker Street. The sisters had dinner with Liv and Helen and were later shocked to find that Sanjit had been shot and killed in his shop. (Wild Animals)

The Akhtars were both cold towards Liv when she asked if they had experienced any strange phenomena with their television, after which it suddenly turned on. Aisha tried to help Zakia find a new job after their family sold Sanjit’s shop and started looking forother flats to live in. (Must-See TV)

Aisha asked The Doctor, Liv and Helen to quieten down after they got into an argument. She and Zakia both went to Wakefield’s for the house meal courtesy of the Doctor and left with Ron and Tony after Bourakai and Teeja attacked. (Divine Intervention) They returned home with Tony and Ron after the incident, throughly bewildered. (Dead Time)

When a supposed bomb was discovered under Baker Street, The Doctor took Aisha and Zakia back to 1941 to learn of their heritage in the form of their grandmother Nisha Bashir. When Nisha was captured by Nazis, Zakia accompanied The Doctoron a mission to rescue her, despite Aisha’s protests. Zakia and Helen were welcomed by Aisha’s future grandfather Adi Akhtar, whom they convinced to admit his feelings for Nisha, ensuring Aisha and Zakia’s birth in the future. Reuniting with Zakia in the TARDIS, Aisha revealed to her that she was in fact her mother and Nisha was her great-grandmother, having given birth to her young and pretended to be her sibling. Zakia was shocked but understood. (Baker Street Irregulars)


  • Aisha Akhtar was pictured with a promo image on Twitter.

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