The Bounty Hunter

Main Actor:

Brad McMurray


Ahab was a mercenary from the 501st century.

In 50, 000, Ahab was hired as a bodyguard for the last four Jixen in the Universe while they brokered a deal with Zanthus Pia, head of the Galactic Peace Commission they met at his home and while the Jixen were in the other room, Ahab killed Zanthus in cold blood. Ahab’s reasoning was that without crime and violence the galaxy wouldn’t need his kind anymore. K9 Mark I witnessed the crime and engaged the Jixen in battle. (The Bounty Hunter)

Suddenly, the Jixen and K9 were sent back in time to 2050 via Professor Gryffen’s Space-Time Manipulator. (Regeneration) Some time later, Ahab came to 2050 to find K9, claiming he had murdered Zanthus. Unable to get information from Professor Gryffen, he joined forces with Inspector Drake and The Department, who were also looking for K9. Since his memories were damaged, K9 believed he was the murderer and surrendered himself to Ahab.

However, the lasso used by Ahab to hold K9 was super-cooled, turning K9 into a superconductor and repairing his memory. When they learned the truth, Jorjie Turner threw a cup of hot tea on the lasso, neutralising it. The force of the lasso sent Ahab into the STM, catapulting him far into the future but the same place, at which point the Earth had moved, leaving him in space. Ahab was asphyxiated by the vacuum. (The Bounty Hunter)


Ahab used a lasso that worked with extreme cold, which could be neutralised with heat. He also had a voice analyser that could tell if someone was lying. (The Bounty Hunter)

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