A Fix With The Sontarans


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A Fix With The Sontarans

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First Transmitted

23 February 1985

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A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
A Fix With The Sontarans
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Regular Cast

Colin Baker (The Doctor),
Guest Cast

Janet Fielding (Tegan), Gareth Jenkins (himself), Jimmy Saville (himself), Sontarans played by various.


Written by Eric Saward
Directed by Marcus Mortimer
Produced by not credited presumably John Nathan Turner


The Doctor is working the controls in the TARDIS. He accidentally transports his former companion Tegan Jovanka on board. She is less than happy about this, but reluctantly agrees to help him. He reveals that two Sontarans are on board. They have a powerful vitrox bomb with which they intend to blow up the ship.

The Doctor then accidentally beams on board a human boy, Gareth Jenkins, who happens to be dressed in an outfit similar to his own. Gareth agrees to help in any way he can. He helps The Doctor set a trap for the Sontarans. The two aliens break into the console room. The leader introduces himself as Group Marshall Nathan and demands that The Doctor introduce his group. Upon hearing Gareth’s name, Nathan reveals that in 2001 their invasion of Earth would be foiled by a brave military leader called Gareth Jenkins. If they kill him now, their future success is assured. However, Gareth springs their trap and kills the two villains.

When The Doctor asks how Gareth knew where all the TARDIS controls were, he says “well I’ve seen you fly the TARDIS on telly”.

Jimmy Savile then appears on the scanner screen and then on the TARDIS set. The Doctor presents Gareth with his Jim’ll Fix It medal and as an added treat, the prop “BBC meson gun” that the Sontarans used.


  • A Fix with Sontarans was broadcast during the run of The Two Doctors. Savile introduces the skit as a “specially written episode with two Doctor Who’s in it “.
  • Despite rumours to the contrary, the young Gareth Jenkins in this broadcast is not the same Gareth Jenkins who worked as a composer, audio engineer and actor for Big Finish in the 2000s.
  • When Tegan arrives (wearing a flight attendant’s uniform similar to the one she wore in the series, even though sometime between Time-Flight and Arc of Infinity she lost her job at the airline), The Doctor explains he has regenerated, since Tegan witnessed this before, she is not surprised. She is also shown to be somewhat familiar with TARDIS controls, in keeping with herearlier appearances.
  • The Doctor asks Gareth to “co-ordinate the vespian transmogrifier ratchet override flange simulator “. Tegan rolls her eyes and snaps that there’s no such thing.
  • The Doctor was aware that the Sontarans invade Earth in 2001.
  • Gareth Jenkins reunited with Colin Baker for the first time since filming at a signing event in January 2013.
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