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Adric as in Earthshock


Played by Matthew Waterhouse
Tenure 25 October 1980-16 March 1982
First appearance
Full Circle (regular)
Last appearance Earthshock (regular)
Last appearance Time-Flight (guest)
Last appearance The Caves Of Androzani (guest)
Number of series 1 1/2
Appearances 13 stories


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He was a young native of the planet Alzarius, which exists in the parallel universe of E-Space. A companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors, he was a regular in the programme from 1980 to 1982. The name Adric is an anagram derived from Nobel Prize-winning physicist Paul Dirac. Waterhouse was the youngest male actor to play a companion.

Adric had his first story in the Fourth Doctor serial, Full Circle. Attempting to escape from the mysterious Mistfall that was threatening his community, he stumbled across and found refuge in theTARDIS, which had been drawn into E-Space via a wormhole-like phenomenon known as a Charged Vacuum Emboitment. He stowed away when the Doctor and Romana left Alzarius and accompanied them on the rest of their adventures in E-Space, remaining with the Doctor when Romana left, and the TARDIS eventually managed to find its way back into its own universe.With a brilliant mathematical mind and sporting a gold badge for mathematical excellence, Adric was also very well aware of his own intelligence. That, coupled with his relative immaturity, led to a personality that was abrasive and crossed over into arrogance.

Because of this Adric is one of the least popular companions among fans of the programme. However, it was obvious that Adric also sought validation from the Doctor as well as those around him, and was often hurt and resentful if he felt he was being sidelined or unable to contributeAdric was present when, during the events of Logopolis, the Fourth Doctor fell from the Pharos Project radio telescope and regenerated into his fifth incarnation. He had continued to travel in the TARDIS along with new companions Nyssa and Tegan, but his travels had come to an end in Earthshock when he tried to stop a Cyberman-controlled freighter from crashing into prehistoric Earth, however, the character had a cameo in Time-Flight.

Matthew now lives in America

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