Adriana Jarsdel



Adriana Jarsdel





Affiliated With:

Cosmic Nine


The Bleeding Heart

Main Voice Actor:

Claire Wyatt


Adriana Jarsdel was a news reporter for Cosmic Nine. She was psychic, but didn’t want to be. She took yellow pills to suppress her ability.

She reported on the riots on Slarvia.

She was later posted on Galen to report on peace talks, which she found boring. There she met the Ninth Doctor, the same time as a weapon was smuggled onto the planet. She teamed up with him to find the source of the newfound commotion, and helped discover that the Compassionate, sealed in a rift at the centre of Galen, were responsible when The Doctor forced her to channel her psychic abilities.

Adriana quickly accepted The Doctor’s offer to travel with him, but was able to sense that there was another in The Doctor’s future that would help him heal, not her. Realising this, Adriana sabotaged The Doctor’s self-sacrifice by taking his sonic screwdriver, rigged to explode, and jumped into the rift herself to close it off and permanently quiet the Compassionate. (The Bleeding Heart)

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