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The Adipose were a race of ambiguously humanoid masses of fat.

The Adipose were presented in Series 4 of Doctor Who with David Tennant in the seasons opening scene “Unruly accomplices”.

Their rearing world was lost, making them go to the outsider “Miss Foster” to make another age; she made a medication that would cause human fat (anatomically: ‘fat tissue’) to parthenogenetically make child Adipose, in spite of the fact that they can change over bone, hair and muscle tissue in crisis conditions (however making them sick). Ten thousand were generated. The official Doctor Who site’s Monster Files include states that the child Adipose were taken into consideration by the Shadow Proclamation.

Youthful Adipose were hand-sized, marshmallow-molded creatures, made for the most part out of fat. They weighed at any rate one kilogram, as Roger Davey, who utilized the Adipose pills, said it was the definite measure of weight he lost every night


Fat innovation incorporated the pills utilized on Earth to develop youthful Adipose, nursery ships outfitted with levitation bars and sonic pens. (“Unruly accomplices”.) At one point the Adipose society had its very own broadcast news media. (Merciless War!)


A pink Adipose was available at Garage 10. (The Ministry of Time)


In a parallel world, the March of the Adipose happened in the United States. Sixty million individuals were executed and changed over into Adipose. (Turn Left)


Fat is, as a general rule, fat tissue of the human body, which is what the Adipose are named after. The genuine fat is referenced in the logical clarification Miss Foster presents.

The Mill made pressure balls for themselves planned in the picture of the Adipose. A rendition of these later turned out to be monetarily accessible.

The PC produced Adipose came in two structures. Fat out of sight of numerous shots were made with a type of computerized reasoning to avoid the need of having to exclusively invigorate every individual Adipose, however the ones in the closer view were hand vivified.

Russell T Davies’ unique idea for the Shadow Proclamation scene in The Stolen Earth incorporated an appearance by a few exceptionally enormous grown-up Adipose, just as numerous Adipose kids (likely those taken from the Adiposian First Family) however his arrangements to highlight a “rebels display” of outsider races in the scene failed to work out; eventually the Judoon were the main returning race included.

They made a small appearance in The End of Time

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