Adella Lestrange



Adella Lestrange



Place of Origin:


Afflicted With:

Carruthers Summerton


The Mourning After

Main Voice Actor:

Camilla Power


Adella Lestrange was in the employ of Carruthers Summerton. She dug up Henry Gordon Jago’s coffin and persuaded him that it was now the year 2000 and the world was in an apocalyptic state. She made the graveyard full of zombies and told Jago that he was patient zero. In a lull she asked Jago to tell her all of his adventures. Later she pretended that she had used Claudius Dark’s notes to create a Time Door to send him back to his time, this was in fact to put him back in his coffin. When George Litefoot and Percival Quick turned up to dig Jago up, she promptly vanished. (The Mourning After)

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