The End Of Time Part Two







The End of Time

Main Actor:

Sinead Keenan


Addams was commander of a Vinvocci rescue group who had come to Earth to recover the Immortality Gate, a Vinvocci restorative gadget that could modify the therapeutic layouts of whole planets.


Addams and her accomplice Rossiter found the very rich person Joshua Naismith had gained the Gate to make his little girl everlasting. Addams and Rossiter utilized gleams to mask themselves as human experts. They begin fixing the Gate, planning to return it to their ship. Addams found the sparkle awkward, and deactivated it at whatever point she could.

Their advancement was unreasonably moderate for Naismith, who looked for a specialist who could fix the Gate all the more rapidly. He had the recently restored Time Lord, The Master, caught and conveyed to the house. While Rossiter stressed another non-human would ruin their disguise, Addams trusted this master may demonstrate valuable in satisfying their main goal. Addams viewed from her alternative research center in the storm cellar as The Master immediately fixed the Gate.

The Tenth Doctor and Wilfred Mott invaded Naismith’s house and found Addams, yet The Doctor quickly observed through her camouflage and deactivated her gleam with his sonic screwdriver. Addams and Rossiter clarified the reason for the Immortality Gate to The Doctor.

As The Master utilized the Gate to exchange his own hereditary format over the whole human populace, Addams and Rossiter viewed, defenseless, from their cellar research facility as the readings from the Gate went haywire. She got away with Rossiter, The Doctor and Wilf to her ship in circle around the Earth. As chief, Addams chose to empty the territory, however The Doctor utilized his sonic screwdriver to debilitate the ship.

At the point when The Doctor utilized the ship to come back to the Naismith manor, Addams worked route while Wilf and Rossiter averted The Master’s rockets from laser cases. The Doctor jumped from the ship’s bring forth as it cruised over the chateau, and Addams dropped Wilf off before apparently leaving with Rossiter. (The End of Time)


Addams was more quiet than Rossiter, and was great at settling on choices under pressure. In any case, she tried to maintain a strategic distance from inconvenience wherever conceivable, and was hesitant to support mankind. This place her into strife with The Doctor, whom she furiously named a nitwit. (The End of Time)

In the background

Russell T Davies wrote in The Writer’s Tale that he had composed Addams as Sinead Keenan, who is a motivation to him.

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