Adam Mitchell


Mickey Rose

Adam Mitchella


Played by Bruno Langley
Tenure 30 April 2005-7 May 2005
First appearance
Dalek (regular)
Last appearance The Long Game (regular)
Appearances 2 stories


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Adam has been working for rich American collector Henry Van Statten for several years. Van Statten collects alien artefacts, amongst other things, and Adam has been helping compile the collection, as well as pocketing a few extra-terrestrial objects for himself.

It was the arrival of the Doctor and Rose that set his life onto a new path. Once the Doctor had corrected the name of Van Statten’s prize specimen as a Dalek, Adam was in a race to stay alive. His failure to protect Rose earned him the Doctor’s wrath, but his store of alien weaponry helped cover that. But it was Rose who wanted him to join them on board the TARDIS.

Catapulted into the far future, Adam is soon orientated to take advantage. Given money by the Doctor, and left unsupervised, he attempts to steal the future’s secrets for his own inevitable gain. But his attempts at information download backfired, and he nearly caused the Doctor to lose control of the TARDIS. Luckily, he survived, but the Doctor dropped him back in his own time, erasing his recorded history of the future.

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