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Peri Brown


The Age of Chaos


Actis was the granddaughterof Peri Brown and the princess of Krontep, as well as a companion of the Sixth Doctor. She was born from an affair between Bionema, a mysterious being worshipped by the Kronteps as a god, and Queen Yrcanthia, daughterof Yrcanos and Peri Brown. Her legal father, Corynus, was joint king with his father-in-law, Yrcanos for a time.

The Doctor and Frobisher visited her for her sixth birthday, which was not long before the death of her father, Corynus. When her grandfather, King Yrcanos passed, her mother, Yrcanthia assumed the throne, but civil war raged between her brothers, Actios and Euthys. Her grandmother left the capital in disgust at her grandsons actions. The war led to Yrcanthia’s death and her sons being exiled to the desert.

Actis became un officially queen under a regency until she married. For her sixteenth birthday, as promised, The Doctor returned and he discovered the chaos awash on Krontep. Taking Actis with him to retrieve Frobisher from a holiday in the Antarctic, they agreed to go with the warrior, Carf, to find a solution to Krontep’s troubles. (The Age of Chaos)

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