Alpha Centuri

Empress of MarsAlpha Centuri



Alpha Centuri

First Appearance:

The Curse of Peladon

Last Appearance:

Empress of Mars

Portrayed by:

Stuart Fell (body) and Ysanne Churchman (voice)


Affiliated The Galactic Federation
Species Unknown
Home planet A planet within Alpha Centauri and Peladon


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Alpha Centauri is tall, green, has one huge blue eye, six arms and a piercing voice, wears a long yellow cape and strolls with an apprehensive step. It is inclined to weakness and hysterics. It has a low supposition of Earth, portraying it as a “‘remote and ugly” planet yet laments that its appearance can startle people. It sees females as immaterial

Alpha Centauri is additionally the name of Alpha Centauri’s local star framework. – The Alpha Centauri parallel star framework is second just to Proxima Centauri in nearness to the Solar System, home to the Earth.

The animal’s structure is to some degree amusingly phallic, a bulbous head with swollen veins and a solitary eye.

Alpha Centauri touches base on Peladon in The Curse of Peladon as a representative managing Peladon’s admission to the Galactic Federation. It requires the meeting to be dropped after learning of the suspicious passing of Chancellor Torbis yet is convinced by King Peladon that the agents are sheltered. The Doctor spares Alpha Centauri’s life when Grun endeavors to kill it, inciting another dialog with respect to whether the meeting should proceed.  At the point when there is later a risk of threats, Alpha Centauri again needs to leave Peladon.

As the circumstance on Peladon declines with the deceptive representative Arcturus being executed, the agents vote that the Galactic Federation ought to intercede, albeit Alpha Centauri cast a ballot for this formally under challenge, uncertain of whether such activity can be advocated. Alpha Centauri is unfit to contact its circling spaceship as its communicator has been broken and is accordingly unfit to leave Peladon as Hepesh’s men advance. Alpha Centauri fears they will assault the representatives however The Doctor achieves a conclusion to the emergency.

After 50 years, Alpha Centauri is on Peladon amid the occasions of The Monster of Peladon now as Galactic Federation Ambassador to Peladon. It is brought together with The Doctor, presently joined by Sarah Jane Smith (who has supplanted Jo Grant). Ruler Thalira discharges The Doctor and Sarah into Alpha Centauri’s guardianship when the Federation agent offers to vouch for them, sparing their lives. The Doctor is satisfied to see Alpha Centauri again however the women’s activist Sarah is offended by its frame of mind towards ladies.

Alpha Centauri brings help when The Doctor disappears and is later caught by Ettis alongside Sarah.  It opens the ordnance for Ettis when he takes steps to murder Sarah , enacting a caution in doing do as such which alarms Thalira and her men that the disobedience has started. Ettis nearly wounds Alpha Centauri, trusting it to have realised the caution would sound, however Sarah stops him. Alliance digger Eckersley suspects Alpha Centauri might be allied with the agitators, yet Thalira confides in it. The Ambassador urges Thalira to overrule Chancellor Ortron trying to spare The Doctor and Sarah from being rebuffed by Aggedor for their irreverence.

Eckersley persuades Alpha Centauri of the peril they face if the excavators have hold of Federation weapons and implies that the Ambassador would be considered in charge of this. Frightened, Alpha Centauri consents to gather Federation troops. This incenses The Doctor when he discovers, him accepting such activity will just kindle the circumstance and without a doubt this unforeseen development demonstrates to raise pressures. Regardless of this, Alpha Centauri keeps on protecting The Doctor to the Peladon experts.

To avoid the Pels defying outside obstruction, Alpha Centauri conforms to Sarah’s arrangement to get the troops to leave by imagining all is well. Alpha Centauri briefly associates The Doctor with being allied with the revolutionaries as observation recognizes The Doctor breaking into the processing plant, however is immediately consoled by Sarah that they think Aggedor is a misrepresentation controlled from the treatment facility.

Sarah’s arrangement comes up short and Alpha Centauri dissents the Ice Warrior Azaxyr’s activities when he announces military law in the interest of the Galactic Federation. Alpha Centauri is stunned when The Doctor finds that the Ice Warriors were in the processing plant from the beginning and are submitting conspiracy however is unfit to report them to the Federation as the Ice Warriors’ armada is blocking correspondences. The Ambassador at that point begins helping oppose the Ice Warriors going with Sarah as they set out to recover its crisis trouble guide which will empower contact with the Federation. Avoiding their Ice Warrior protect, they gather the reference point yet Alpha Centauri can’t recall how to initiate it, coincidentally exchanging on the screen to uncover Eckersley and Azaxyr talking and that Eckersley is allied with the Ice Warriors. Later found by Azaxyr and Eckersley, Alpha Centauri uncovers how their foul play was discovered. Undermined, Alpha Centauri gives away Sarah’s area.

Set free by the thrashing of the Ice Warriors, Alpha Centauri is later thumped out by Eckersley as he catches the Queen. When the Queen has gotten away and Eckersley has been murdered and debates have been settled, Alpha Centauri reports to the Federation that the war is finished.

Alpha Centauri made a little appearance in 2017 scene “Ruler of Mars” as a diplomat for the Galactic Federation respecting the recently stirred Ice Warriors to the universe, again voiced by Ysanne Churchman.

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