A Visit from Prof. Summerfield


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Regular Cast

Bernice Summerfield / Creature (Lisa Bowerman).


Written by Matthew Griffiths
Directed by TBA
Produced by TBA


Arriving at an old tomb, bottle in hand, Professor Bernice Summerfield encounters a creature. The creature tells Benny there’s no need to fear it, so long as she shares a drink. As they sit there, drinking away, Benny reminisces about some of her previous adventures. They finish the bottle, so Benny knows she needs to go back to her shuttle, and she wishes the creature farewell.


  • Benny tells the creature that “this wasn’t the solstice [I’d] planned”.
  • Benny and the creature drink sherry.
  • When telling the creature about her adventures, Benny mentions Dellah, Legion, Unbound, The Collection, Time Rings, the Grel, and “some chap called The Master”.
  • Benny also mentions Peter, Adrian, Jason, Jack, Ruth, Bev, Wolsey, and her frenemy, Brax.
  • After finishing the sherry, she tells the creature to “tuck yourself in for a call from Saint Nick”.
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